Expert legal services from a name you can trust.

Personal dedicated support.

Solomon Richard & Co places itself in an unique position, by giving a very personal and detailed attention to each and every client with its in-depth knowledge and expertise in non-contentious and contentious matters in several areas of law. The firm with almost two decades of experience and expertise in non-litigation and litigation work is able to give the right advice to clients and to act professionally at all times.

This boutique law firm with a strong litigation background and reputation undertakes simple and the most complex legal cases. Our adversaries are both the small and big law firms.

The firm gives a very personalised service catering to the needs of the clients.

The firm having extensive background in several areas of law has acted for local and International clients. Being a highly innovative and aggressive law firm, it has the right negotiating skills in mediation and litigation. It has a storied history as an entity of impeccable integrity to act for individuals, businesses, companies and corporate entities.

The founder Mr. Solomon Richard was called to the English bar in 1994 (Lincolns Inn), and to the Singapore Bar in 1995. Prior to graduating in law in the U. K, he was an Economics graduate and a degree holder from a Canadian University graduating in 1982. A MSc in International Economics, Banking, and Finance in 1992, a post graduate degree in Economics. The firm is able to handle several areas of law based on the fact the firm grew with his strong academic background with his several post graduate qualification gaining LLM in Marine Law, LLM in Commercial Law, LLM in Medical Law from U.K. The firm has an impressive background with excellent track record and is very well positioned to take on any matters in a very professional manner.

With the unique combination of both Economics and Law and this multi-disciplinary law firm, handles each and every case in an unique manner comparable to others. With almost two decades of litigation and non-litigation background, the firm excels in its expertise  to service clients. The clients welfare is the firm’s utmost concern. The firm acts for local and international clients.

The firm headed by Mr S. Richard whose interest is in sports, music, arts, languages and lecturing. He was the President of the Singapore Amateur Boxing Association and in charge of twenty-four boxing clubs. He was in charge of supervising and administering the clubs and deeply involved in the Youth Olympics held in Singapore. The all rounded approach to sports and law is significant.

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