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The key battleground in any litigation is the drafting of an excellent contract agreement. The choice of words, the intention of the parties, the purpose of the agreement and the final outcome of the agreements is important. The firm undertakes and places great importance in a well drafted and a valid contract. In drafting a simple agreement and to the most complex agreement for any small or big organisation, the firm is able to draft a thorough and well written agreement. A very detailed, clear, precise with right choice of words are the key to a successful binding agreement. The firm prides itself in drafting excellent agreement and understanding the client’s needs and to achieve the right agreement for the client.

The firm prides itself in wining cases from the Subordinate Courts (now State Courts) to High Court further to Court of Appeal.  In a heavily contested case for a sale and purchase of a business, our firm litigated on the wording “warranty” and “guarantee” in an agreement in Gateway 21 Pte Ltd v Gateway 21 Consultants Pte Ltd [2010] SGDC 22 and Gateway 21 consultants Pte Ltd v Gateway 71 Pte Ltd [2010] SGHC 289. The court’s in this case agreed with the firm’s argument and interpretation of the words “warranty” and “guarantee” put forward by our firm in the definition and choice of words.

Our success in both the lower court and further in the Higher Court to the Court of Appeal proves that our firm is able to handle agreements and argue in court in litigation on agreements.

The firm is able to draft the most ideal agreements for any clients small and large businesses including for any international firms in any areas of law. The firm drafts joint-venture agreements, franchise, licensing, international contracts, and Sale and Purchase and many more contracts. We tailor to the needs pf each and every individual client.

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