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Arbitration in fast becoming the bane in so many civil, corporate and shipping matters. In any agreement, the choice of an “arbitration clause” is vital and critical. Lawyers come late into the case when dispute arises, and clients are left with the agreement with the “arbitration clause”.  However, our firm is able to interpret, explain and if at all, act on the agreement with the clause.

Arbitration can be very fast, cost-effective, flexible and confidential compared to court proceedings. For parties who are unfamiliar with arbitration, it can be complex. The firm engages experts to give opinions in the nature of the case and to assist clients in the matter.

Experts are important for any disputes, and if at all, the firm will endeavour its best to give the right advice with the expertise on board, and also to proceed with the right approach.

As Singapore is fast becoming an important centre for International Arbitration, we are eager to build on our expertise to clients in their field of arbitration . Arbitration is not an easy task for any parties, and even to lawyers, however, we will give the right advice to any prospective clients, and explain all the procedures, even before, a party agrees to the incorporating of the “arbitration clause” in an agreement. The firm is able to advice the pros and cons of arbitration compared to litigation. The firm is best positioned to advice any prospective clients, who wish to have an opinion or for us to work in the arbitration matter.

Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) is fast becoming the centre in Asia to handle an increasing number of arbitration cases and has emerged as a preferred seat for International Arbitration in Asia. The firm is able to advice and to serve local and international clients. We look forward to working with you.

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