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International Banking and Finance law is ever changing due to a complex and ever changing corporate world and regulatory framework. Banks and International Consortium with the Central Banks and regulatory policies, the risks and laws are central in the banking industry and finance sectors of the economy.

Our firm is able to give advice, help to structure, restructure and execute transactions. Successful finance transaction is best dealt with proper legal advice and we endeavour to give the right advice within the regulatory framework. Our firm is able to advice various sectors in multiple jurisdiction. If there is a need to work alongside lawyers in different jurisdiction, we will be able to work with lawyers in different jurisdiction. If we are unable to advice in the most sensitive areas such as money laundering and embezzlement of funds, we will advise immediately that the risk is too high. We are able to advise if violating any regulatory framework locally or in any different jurisdiction. The need to use incentive funds and structure the funds are critical and clients can seek our legal advice.

In the field of banking law, the contracts with bank is important, we can advise and litigate, if necessary.

If violation of any confidential information, such as the Data Protection Act, we can act for individuals and banks alike. In the areas of consumer credit, loans and a whole range of banking products for the public, the firm can provide comprehensive independent legal advise.

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