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The law firm undertakes work in the area of law involving setting up companies in Singapore and also advice on doing businesses both for locals and foreigners. The firm is able to set up companies, incorporate of private companies, advising on tax, rules for setting up companies, secretarial services in the keeping of minutes, conducting AGM, EOGM, notarising of legal documents, preparing any power of attorney, dissolving a company and striking off companies from the registry.

In this area, the firm can assist the advising of share certificates, transfer of shares, rights of minority shareholders, the requirement and regulatory of the local banks, and the government policies in relation to setting up of companies.

Our advice compared to other secretaries services, we provide an inhouse service, all within the framework of local laws and we give a boutique one-stop advice and package. The client will benefit from our expertise as a law firm dealing in company secretarial services, and our contact with several different countries around the globe. Our corporate secretarial services advice is comprehensive, fully competent and very professional.

We have successfully brought an action a corporate secretarial services company in the case of  Gateway 21 Pte Ltd v Gateway 21 Consultants Pte Ltd (formally known as Gateway 21 Business Consultants Pte Ltd [2010] SGDC 22 ,Gateway 21 Consultants Pte Ltd v Gateway 21Pte ltd [2010] SGHC 289 after a nine day trial in the sale and purchase of a corporate secretarial services company. Our legal firm acted for the seller (the Plaintiff), and we won the case in the State Court (Subordinate Court) and further in the High Court till Court of Appeal. Our firm fully understands the workings of Corporate Secretarial Services and are able to advise and set up companies.

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