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With the continued growth of “Cyber Technology” and growing use of credit cards in the internet, we can advise on the legal aspect of computer law and cyber security legal aspects.

Data Protection law is a growing concern among the public, and the Data Protection Act protects individual’s rights. However, with the everyday use of computer, hackers and computer fraud is ever so on the increase, and the firm provides legal solution to the problems in computer crime.

Our firm is able to advice clients in the protection of data, infringement of one right’s under the Computer Law, harassment and intimidation with the use of computer, protection of children’s rights and, dealing with computer fraud. The compliance of data protection we can also advice on courtier communication, particularly with regard to data and mobile data collection, and proceed to litigate if needed.

The emerging technology, social media and bid data is of concern for all of us, and hence the firm is able to advice accordingly and help meet client’s needs and help meet client’s challenges.

Clients can turn to us in relation to any cyber-attacks and in relation to it and we further give legal advice with our overseas contacts.

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