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Our firm takes on work in criminal matters both in white collar and blue collar crimes. The firm has acted for accused in various offences such as crime committed by juveniles, sexual offences, theft, robbery, rioting, drugs, drink driving offences, breach of peace offences and many other criminal matters. The firm will write letter of Representation, mitigation plea, and also conduct trials.

The firm has been involved in conducting trials in neighbour’s disputes, and seeking justice for any alleged accused who wishes to have a fair trial in Court.

We emphasis on fact finding, gathering of witnesses and in-depth interviewing and evidence gathering. We prepare ahead of the trial and interview clients in the office or in prison. The firm also acts for any persons with any physical impairment, depression, mental illness, anxiety attacks and juveniles who has been alleged to have committed an offence.

With many years of experience in criminal matters, we would conduct an interview and if any urgent request, to appear in court for bail application, and follow up the case for Pre-Trial Conference and conduct trials. The firm is able to mitigate for any accused and would do a thorough mitigation plea seeking the minimum sentence or fine. Public Prosecutor v Lim Poh Lye and Another [2005] 2 SLR 130; [2005] SGHC 13 Public Prosecutor v Low Nah Nah 2003.

The founder of the law firm, has spent his early years in the Narcotics Bureau from 1979 to 1980 prior to pursuing his Economics degree obtaining a B.A. (Econs) in Canada, and later pursuing his law degrees in 1991. The client have benefited in the Criminal side of the area of law due to the experience and as the founder of the law firm.

In terms of white collar crimes, the firm is well positioned to take on any white collar crimes, cases such as Insider Dealings and Criminal Breach of Trust Offences.

On a point of law significantly on the issue of stolen property and money laundering, the firm has taken up the case of Public Prosecutor v Mohammad Haikal bin Abdullah [2017] SGDC 25 to clarify the point of law “Reason to Belief” in the handling of stolen property under section 397(1) of CPC (12 ed) to the Supreme Court of Singapore.

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