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The firm can advise and act in respect of equity investors strictly in Equity and trust laws. If equity investors take on an investment portfolios, our law firm will advise on the aspects of the law in relation to equity and trust laws. In the field of Trust Law as our firm deals with civil matters, we can provide a comprehensive advice to resolve dispute or litigate dispute involving any letter of Administration or Probate matters. This would  involve Family Distribution of assets and wealth in inheritance matter, inheritance issues, such as valuables, and to litigate on the authenticity of wills. We are able to assist in the forensic of wills and the signatures of the testator, and witnesses as by engaging forensic experts to determine the authenticity of the signatures.

In terms of the detention of funds in trust, we can proceed to litigate or resolve such matters.

In the offshore Asset Protection Trusts (OAPT), our firm can advise on the preserving the integrity and viability of the funds. We can examine the acceptability of offshore asset protection trusts. In the area of the determination of structure and resulting trusts, our firm handles such matters.

For those wanting overseas Trust funds in offshore accounts we do advise.

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