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Taking the client’s strategic aim, and for restructuring the company’s business with the expert accountants on board for any company or businesses finding itself in an insolvent position, our firm in a strategic move can act for clients. In voluntary or involuntary liquidation, our firm works within the legal framework and would assist client from becoming insolvent.

Our firm would not get involve in the running of the business of the clients, but would be able to explain and advise the legal remedies involved in assisting companies from becoming insolvent. Measures taken would be for the professional accountant’s firm to advise the clients to avoid compulsory liquidation. Our firm would also be able to advise on voluntary arrangement with creditors.

Bankruptcy is an action upon judgment to make a person bankrupt, and our firm would do the necessary, and if no judgment, we would litigate within the Civil Law framework to proceed with bankruptcy. Advise can also be given to those made bankrupt. Lu Yuan Sheng v Hitachi Credit Singapore Pte Ld [2004] SGHC 118

Our firm’s will advise on companies facing restructuring and insolvency and in financial distress situation. We are able to provide a wide ranging of services and/or advise to these affected stakeholders.

We advise companies, lenders, creditors and borrowers. If these is a need to work with banks we able to assist such clients.




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