Expert legal services from a name you can trust.

Personal dedicated support.

In terms of land law, the firm advises and acts on land law, particularly property rights. The firm will draft landlord and tenancy agreements both for private individuals and businesses. We draft private and commercial tenancy agreements.

Consultation includes vetting of agreements. In the area of law in private and public nuisance, the firm takes on matters, including nuisance to one’s property and person.

Matters involving harassment and intimidation, the firm will bring an action against the wrong doer as alleged. In the area of libel and slander, the firm is able to give consultation and if needed bring an action against the perpetrator. Our firm does conveyancing for buyers and sellers. The firm will act on such matters to proceed further.

The firm does Power of Attorney for any person wanting to do a Power of Attorney and also Deed Poll for anyone wanting to change their names.

There will be matters whereby, there would be breach of tenancy agreements, and our firm will act for clients. In a landlord and tenancy agreement, matter whereby the “peace and quiet” enjoyment of the property is not being provided by the landlord, our firm will act for clients.

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