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The area of Medical Law is a highly specialised area as it warrants an in-depth knowledge of the procedures and evidence involved in any civil suit. The firm has brought action for aggrieved parties and the firm is able to handle such cases. Harun Bin Ghalib v Pang Yoke Teen AND another [2008] SGDC 25

The firm handles high value clinical negligence claims and able to engage experts from oversea experts to give expert opinion. Each claim and injury sustained is different and to determine if correct procedures were followed by the clinicians. If no correct procedures, were followed, we will investigate to determine the procedures. Consent to any treatment is important, and during consultation, our firm will analyses the facts and evidence before as to ascertain the right cause of action.

We would endeavour to get expert opinion in order to ascertain clinical negligence. We would always propose mediation as it is the procedure now and if unable to settle proceed for litigation. In order to determine liability, a lengthy process of gathering clinical notes, clinical reports, and expert report is important and a whole range of information is needed.We do act for clinicians, patients, hospitals and surgeries.

Upon receiving all the reports, we would be able to advise potential clients accordingly, and advise also the chances of success. No one case is the same, and our advice would be according to the nature of the injury and if there was any liability.

To bring a medical negligence suit is an expensive affair, and potential clients must take note of the expenses to be incurred in order to bring an action.



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