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The firm takes on personal injury claims in industrial, construction, work place, road accidents and occupier’s liability. The firm also does workmen compensation. The firm has taken on matters from the State Court to High Court, depending on the nature and amount of the claim and injuries sustained. Consultation can be given depending on the nature and complexity of the matter. Harun Bin Ghalib v Pang Yoke Teen AND another [2008] SGDC 25

In most cases, the firm is able to advise on the claim and explain about liability. The firm advises on the most serious injuries and claims. The firm has done all sorts if personal injury claims, and will do a detailed research on the injury sustained, getting medical reports, seeking medical expert opinion, and if necessary engaging the services of expert in the field of the injury sustained. In industrial accidents, we would be able to call expert and also get opinions in the nature of the accident.

In the road traffic accidents, apart from the injury sustained and to bring a compensation, we would do a thorough investigation by writing to the relevant authorities.

In property damage claims, such as water seepage and fire on premises and if injuries sustained our firm will be able to advise and act in the claim against insurance companies.

The firm has several years of experience in property damage, and is able to make third party claims.

In property damage claims, such as vehicle accident claims against another driver, and a claim for damage to the vehicle. Our firm has almost fifteen years of experience in this field. We will proceed with the claim by proceeding quickly and work for the best outcome. We litigate against insurance companies for the best claim.

We act for those bereaving for those who have lost their loved ones through fatality accident by road, sea and air.

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