Expert legal services from a name you can trust.

Personal dedicated support.

With about two decades of experience in probate law, the firm can take on contentious and non-contentious matters whether it is a given on the true state of the will, and if at all any forensic specialist is needed, our firm has the contacts to determine the authenticity of the signature.

The firm is able to obtain a letter of administration when there is no will, advise and necessary filing of the documents in order to get the Grant is constantly undertaken by the firm. The firm upon engaging this, will do whatever necessary to trace all assets, the right information explaining to client the division of the assets and their rightful shares.

The firm constantly is being engaged by clients in the drafting of the lasting power of attorney, either being a witness or preparing and submitting the lasting power of attorney for approval.

The firm has years of drafting simple and very complex wills, and this is done with clarity so that the wordings are precise and accurate for execution.

The drafting of Deed Poll for name change is constantly undertaken by the firm.

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