Expert legal services from a name you can trust.

Personal dedicated support.

The firm’s involvement in corporate tax work and civil litigation gives us the comparable advantage with economics background to give the most efficient and up to date tax advice to individuals and companies wishing to set up companies in Singapore and also for small, medium and large corporation.

We provide advice on the tax aspects of corporate finance transaction as well as GST, stamp duty.

Our clients include individuals including high net worth individuals, both local and foreigners. Foreigners seeking to do business in Singapore and those wanting to do business in Asia, we will to give the advice based on each individual’s case.

We also advice individually and business on tax efficient employment.

Where if there is a need to work with counterparts in other jurisdiction, we will attempt to connect with them to give the most efficient tax advice. We will work with accountants locally and abroad to give clients the best possible consultation and advise.

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